TECH TUESDAY: trying AMAZON dash buttons

Sep 6, 2022 category

thanks to Amazon for sponsoring our blog publish today.

With prime speed, I can get a wipes refill with the push of a button

Amazon dash buttons are basically FREE.

As a manage freak, I desire I might anticipate precisely when we would utilize up household staples in order to prevent running out (like I truly desire this beyond what is typical for a person). I tried Amazon’s Subscribe-And-Save program on a great deal of products, however ended up with mountains of a number of type of soap as well as had to pause it (nerd mom fail).

Amazon solved this issue with these handy dash buttons. Kristen Howerton just recently called them panic buttons for adulting. If I’m nearing the end of my supply of diapers, soap, or wipes — push! — the products get provided with prime speed. There are lots of dash buttons available already including ones for soap, laundry detergent, as well as sunscreen — with more being added all the time.

Pro tip: Stick your button on a high shelf so young children as well as pets don’t location orders for you.

Seventh Generation infant wipes are offered with dash buttons

Here’s the dash DEAL:

Amazon dash buttons are FREE-ish. A Dash button is $4.99 as well as you save $4.99 when you make your very first order with the button!

Stick it where you’ll keep in mind to utilize it before you run out

When I told my huge youngster about these buttons, he liked it immediately. I explained that before he grabs the last disinfecting wipe, he can order the next bundle. While he was willing to do that, he would prefer to wait for the “next offered LEGO set dash button.”

Here are a few of the many lots you can try:



Glad (50 product choices!)


Angel Soft

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes


Similac (28 varieties, discover your favorite)

Aquaphor Baby

Amazon Elements infant Wipes



L’il Critters youngsters Gummy Vitamins

Tylenol (from infant to additional Strength)

Seventh Generation (43 products from diapers to detergent)

Mrs. Meyers cleaning products

Seventh Generation Paper Towels

Seventh Generation infant Wipes

Seventh Generation bath Tissue


Milk & Co. Men’s natural Ultra Light Moisturizer

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We want to say thanks to Amazon for sponsoring our blog publish today. All opinions are my own.

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