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I became a mother I also got used to taking care of others and put myself last.  I have told myself over and over again that I need to take much more time for me and worry less about others.  I also preach that message to the countless mothers who read and follow The healthy mothers Magazine.  Over Thanksgiving break I discovered that I am not doing enough for myself and it is time for me to make some major changes.

I am a very busy person and don’t like to slow down.  sitting around doing nothing makes me feel guilty and stir crazy.  With a house full of five children and a husband who travels a lot, I never run out of things to do.  but my busy lifestyle was interrupted over Thanksgiving and I have to put myself and my health first. 

The 15 hour drive down to my in-laws in Sacramento was uneventful.  The kids kept busy watching films and playing road trip games.  We arrived at 9:30 Wednesday night.  Thursday was spent fixing dinner, eating, drinking a little red wine and going to with family.  On Friday I noticed that I had a small pain in my abdomen. I thought it was either gas or my body just reacting to the over eating that I had done the day before.

Friday evening my husband and I went out to dinner with a couple of friends.  The food was great and once again I found myself overindulging.  By seven o’clock that night my stomach hurt again, this time around much worse.  After a couple of hours of this the pain went away and I wasn’t too concerned.  That same pain came and went all the time Saturday.  I chose not to eat as much and was able to tolerate it.  We were planning on heading back up to Spokane Sunday morning so the kids could get back to school the next day and my husband could get back to work.

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On Sunday morning I awoke with excruciating pains in my stomach. It hurt so bad that I ended up collapsing on the floor in the bathroom, nearly threw up and could hardly move.  A few minutes later my husband and I left for the emergency room and the kids got to spend a little much more time with grandma and Grandpa and their cousins.

At the medical facility I got something for my pain and underwent several tests.  I had an Ex-ray, ultrasound, EKG, cat Scan, MRI and several blood tests. The ultrasound reveled that my gall bladder was missing (I had it surgically eliminated in 1997), I have a small cyst on my best ovary and a tiny sore on my left kidney.  However, it did not show anything abnormal in the spot where I was in the most pain.  I had similar results from all the other tests involving taking images of my abdomen.

When I first got to the medical facility my white blood cell count was very high and my liver enzymes were rising.  After getting treated with an antibiotic my white blood cell count went back down to normal, but my liver enzymes count skyrocketed.  The physicians were unable to identify what caused my pain and why my liver enzyme levels are so high.  I was told that it could be one of two things, either Hepatitis A or stones in my bile ducts.  They are going to have to do much more tests in purchase find the answers.

I think that it is stones in my bile ducts.  The pain that I get during an attack is so severe. In fact it is much worse than labor pains.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and this pain is not something I am able to tolerate.  For now I am taking a prescription pain pill, something for the nausea and not eating a whole lot. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. hopefully the physicians will find out soon what is triggering my pain and liver enzyme count to be out of control.  Please keep me in your prayers. I am having a hard time accepting my life’s little interruption.

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